I stand alone in the dark- ness 不知不觉已身处黑暗

The winter of my life came so fast 寒冬突袭 生命骤冷

Memories go back to child- hood 记忆回溯到童年时光

To days I still recall 至今仍萦绕我心

Oh how happy I was then 昔时是如此快乐

There was no sorrow there was no pain 没有哀伤 没有痛楚

Walking through the green fields 漫步穿过的那片绿地

Sunshine in my eyes 阳光太过耀眼

I'm still there everywhere 如今我还于此徘徊

I'm the dust in the wind 却不过是风中尘埃

I'm the star in the northern sky 夜空星屑

I never stayed anywhere 无处可停歇

I'm the wind in the trees 化作绿林中的微风

Would you wait for me forever? 你可否会永远等我