【个人翻译】Flowers for a Ghost 以花献灵

Vocal:Thriving Ivory

You disappear with all your good intentions 你带着过往的美好不辞而别

And all I am is all I could not mention 我悲伤的不能自已

Like who will bring me flowers when it's over 当我离去之时谁会为我献花?

And who will give me comfort when it's cold 当我心灰意冷时谁会给我安慰?

She took a plane to somewhere out in space 她突然间飞到了某处

To start a life and maybe change the world 开始她崭新的生活并撼动世界

See I never meant for you to have to crawl 你从不为我放慢脚步

No I never meant to let you go at all 我却希望你为我永远停驻

Don't ever say goodbye 不曾道别

See my head aches from all this thinkin' 我为此思绪凌乱 头痛不已

Feels like a ship God, God knows I'm sinkin' 像身处一艘将要沉没的船只

Wonder what you do and where it is you stay 只想知道你现在在何处 是否安好

These questions like a whirlwind, they carry me away 这一切像一股旋风我把卷走

Who will bring me flowers when it's over? 当我离去之时会有人献花吗?

And who will give me comfort when it's cold? 当我心灰意冷时会有人安慰吗?

Who will I belong to when the day just won't give in? 当无法违抗的命运降临时 我该何去何从

And who will tell me how it ends and how it all begins? 何以开始 何以结束 无从知晓

Don't ever say goodbye 连道别也不曾

I'm only human 哦我仅是个凡人

I'm only human 我仅是个凡人

I'm only human 我仅是个凡人