《吸血僵尸惊情四百年》的片尾曲,Annie Lennox一开口就仿佛让人沉醉在温柔的月光里。话说不久前看完《唯爱永生》,和以往那种高贵华丽优雅的吸血鬼完全不同,那种低调深沉,文艺而又厌世的吸血鬼也很迷人。P.S.字幕组注释辛苦了。P.S.S 他们喝完血后高潮脸太赞了【。

【个人翻译】Love Song for a Vampire 嗜血爱歌

Vocal:Annie Lennox

Come into these arms again 回到我的怀抱中

And lay your body down 将你全身心都交给我

The rhythm of this trembling heart 这颗颤动着的心

It's beating like a drum 如鼓点般敲打着

It beats to you,it bleeds to you 为你跳动 为你痴狂

It knows not how it sounds 这听起来可好

For it is the drum of drums 是隆隆鼓声

It is the song of songs 抑或如缕歌声

Once I had the rarest rose 我曾拥有最美的玫瑰

That ever deigned to bloom 它本可以娇艳开放

Cruel winter chilled the bud 严寒侵袭 冻结花蕾 

And stole my flower too soon 花期未满 挚爱消逝

Oh loneliness 如此孤独

Oh hopelessness 如此无望

To search the ends of time 探寻直至时间尽头

For there is in all the world 在这大千世界

No greater love than mine 也找不到比我更珍贵的爱

Love O love O love O love O love O love... still falls the rain 爱啊,爱啊,伴随着雨点纷纷而下

Love O love O love O love O love O love...still falls the night 爱啊,爱啊,在漆黑的夜空中降临

Love O love O love O love O love O love...damned forever 爱啊,爱啊,极致永远的爱啊

Let me be the only one 我将成为你的唯一

To keep you from the cold 为你驱赶寒冷

Now the floor of heaven is laid 去往仙境之路已经铺好

With stars of brightest gold 星光熠熠为你点缀

They shine for you 为你闪耀

They shine for you 为你辉煌

They burn for all to see 让世人见证我们的爱

Come into these arms again 回到我的臂弯里

And set this spirit free 解放你的灵魂吧