【个人翻译】Fields of Deeley 迪利之地

Vocal:Urban Trad

From where the river runs 沿着淌淌流水

Through the fields of Deeley 穿过迪利之地

To where the mountains end 到达高山的尽头

As far as you can see 正如你所见

This is where we belong 这就是我们的归属

Me and my family 我与我亲族的归属

But is won’t be too long 但这一切很快消逝

Till I leave the country 只因我将离家远去


Down in the valley green 走下绿山谷

I heard my mother cry 我的母亲正在哭泣

For she was losing me 只为她将要失去我

The last one of her tribe 失去她最后的亲族


To see her in such pain 她如此悲痛

I almost could not bear 我怎能忍受

But the blood in my veins 但我骨子里的血液

Is calling me out there 呼唤我远走他乡


A la léo a la lé a la la lé o lé a la le

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