【个人翻译】House of Heroes 英灵殿【有人在虾米下面提到,姑且这么翻译】


The man and the ghost will meet again 那人将与那灵魂再次相会

In the night when it snows, 在飘雪之夜

never quiet, never cold 喧嚣却未曾寒冷


Hear their calling, 聆听他们的呼唤

lost lords to cast the ride, 失去主人而无法驾驭坐骑

white spears in their hands, 他们手中之矛

pointing towards the sky 直指天空

The ancient echoes from the wielded jaws, 曾经的狭道传来古老的回响

the bones and the scales, 处处皆为枯骨鳞屑

the forgotten lore 是被遗忘的传说


The calm of the night, 寂静之夜

lighting the flame 燃起火焰

In the night when they haunt the curtain shallfall 夜幕降临其影毕现


Heroes and fools, 英雄和愚人

all together, all the same, 如昔日一同重现

statues of the restless 焦躁不安的雕像

Gallery of the drowned and the pale 被淹没的画廊与栅栏


The man and the ghost will meet again那人将与那灵魂再次相会

on the marshes of the old, 在久远的沼泽地里,

though silent when it snows 寂静欲雪

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